Guest blogging is a form of art where we write an article and provide valuable content to our online bloggers and audience, but there is a minor difference in this case, instead of publishing the article on our own blog, we publish the article on someone else’s website and that’s how the term “Guest blogging” was coined. Now, another question that comes to mind is, isn’t guest blogging identical to publishing content to articles directories? The Answer is a no.

There is a lot of difference between guest blogging and writing for article directories. Making it no more difficult, I would suggest that submitting content to article directories and guest blogging are a similar errand to writing a valuable content on other websites and platforms.

If we talk about guest blogging and article directories then directories are GMPC sites (General Multi-Purpose Content) or “mass content” sites on other hand Guest blogging is “Niche Targeted” blogs. The key difference between guest blogging and article directories is “niche targeted” and “mass targeted”.

The Guest blogs tend to be a communal bond and closer tie between the owner of the blog, the guest bloggers and the audience. This is the reason, why guest articles get more comments than articles published on other article directories. Now, we think that you’re quite clear about the guest blogs and article directories. So, it is time to move on to the next step.

In this guest post, I will discuss strategic steps to enhance your online brand reputation and awareness. You can get numerous posts on the internet with respect to guest blogging or to write a guest article. I’m going to explain to you about guest blogging and guest articles in detail, how you can use a single guest article to enhance your brand awareness online.

If you can read the content, you can write the content as well. In fact, everyone is capable of writing a guest blogging article but it is not possible for a novice to maximize the extra profit for that written content. Don’t be worried, I will teach you everything today.

In place of publishing content on your blog, write a guest article for another blog or website. Why? Well, I am going to explain this point below, just have a cup of coffee in your hand and go through the whole article.

Getting Started 

Best Guide for a beginner Guest blogger

You can call “Guest Blogging”, a guerrilla marketing tactic. Why so? Well, I’m saying this because writing a mesmerizing article and publishing on other well-known blogs is not just a marketing tactic, it is a guerrilla marketing tactics. As an illustration, suppose two mobile manufacturing companies say “X and Y” are competing against each other for market share. Company X and Y, both spend a huge amount of money on the development of product and their massive advertisement, but company B strategically releases an additional sales person who knocks on the door of targeted potential customers.

This extra effort taken by company X can be related to guest blogging. It is better to publish your contents on other known blogs, instead of building a blog and waiting for traffic. This will take your blog one step ahead over other blogs that don’t engage in guest blogging. In addition, there are many other advantages of writing a guest article on other blogs too.

Decide you Goals while Guest Blogging.

As you’re just beginning to guest blog, your first errand should be to decide your goal. Once you know your goal, it will be helpful for you to determine the best reputation blogs in which you are going to submit your guest post. Just follow the main objectives for guest blogging.

  • Position yourself as a well-known name in the industry of blogging. It will help get traffic to your website.
  • Build essential backlinks to your website. You should have right kind of content on the top blogs. If you want to get either #1 or #2 ranking, you should find blogs that have an engaged audience. If you just want to accomplish #3, then you should pinpoint blogs with strong root DA. You can use SEO Moz toolbar to check this at no cost.

How you can increase your brand Visibility by Guest Blogging

  1. If you know what to do and how to do then guest blogging will definitely be a strong internet marketing strategy. Numerous guest bloggers mostly believe in guest blogging and publishing their content on other websites or blogs, rather than their own blog and these tactics have made them successful.
  2. When you devote your time and efforts to write content for guest blogging, in return you will get maximum traffic to your blog and it will enhance your brand visibility.
  3. Publishing and writing a content for guest blogging helps to build your online credibility. In the future, your product line may be launched and at that time, the blogs you posted your guest articles on, will be very helpful for you to broadcast your product launch.
  4. Guest blogging works as a “White hat” link building strategy. While when you write content for guest blogging, you use backlinks to your blog that enhance the ranking of your page in the search engines, like Google. In search engine algorithm, a quality content website’s or blog’s backlink is considered as a vote of credibility to the blogger.
  5. The blogs are either strongly rooted in SEO or strong in social media, so your guest post on such blogs will help you boost your website’s or blog’s rankings.

I have tried to highlight the strategic reasons why you should begin writing guest articles. Now, I’m going to talk about the guest blogging opportunities.

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

The mandatory thing to publish guest posts is to find guest post opportunities. You should find sites that can fit the following criteria:

  • The content on the blog should be according to your niche/industry.
  • There should be engaged audience on the blog.
  • The owner of the blog should be active on social media so that he can promote your work on his/her site.


Google Searches

You can start by searching for guest posting opportunities on Google. Use the following keywords to find blogs that accept guest posts.

  • Keyword “submit a guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post by”
  • Keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • Keyword “guest post guidelines”

Prolific Guest Bloggers

Get in touch with any prolific guest bloggers in your niche. If you spend time reading blogs in your niche, many times you will see the same names rewriting content for others. If your niche is online marketers, the list will include Gregory Ciotti, Neil Patel, Leo Widrich, Danny Iny, and many others. You can search the phrase “guest post by” in the Google and it will display the name of prolific guest bloggers.


Social Searches

Mostly, bloggers share their latest guest posts on their social networks. Thus, it becomes the easiest way to search the guest posts on social media (such as Twitter, Facebook) using a keyword “guest post”.

Submit a Fabulous Guest Post

Making a guest post fabulous depends on the quality of the blog you are publishing your content on. The length of the posts on the blog does not matter, but the quality does. The following are key points to make your guest blogging post as fantastic as possible.

  • It’s Not About You And Your Business

Always keep in mind that your fantastic guest post is just not about your own business, products, or services. The Audience will go through your posts to gather information, not advertisements about your products. You can add an additional information and knowledge about your business in the author bio.

  • Great format of post to post as a guest post

Before submitting your post, have a look at the other posts that are already posted on your target blogs. Do they use lots of images, text, quotes and special formatting? Ensure that your post has similar elements (such as headers, images, bolded text, quotes, or another formatting) to match other posts on the site.

  • Include a Call to Action for Comments

Don’t forget to include a call to action for comments at the end of your guest post.

How to Be the Best Guest Blogger

If you wish to become a regular contributor to a blog, then promote your post in every way possible. The blog owner should love your job if he gets new readers to his website. Always reply to visitors’ comments. This will help you build your name in this industry.

We hope the information provided by us will help you to go a long way in the industry. Now, you know everything about guest blogging and its importance.

Happy Blogging!

Author Bio:

Maninder Singh, a professional and creative content writer at JustArticlez.com. He has been working as a freelancer for the past 4 years. His specializes in writing poetries and making creative taglines for brands.

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